HDPE Geocell for Container Yard

HDPE Geocell for Container Yard

Geocell is made of a new type of high-strength geosynthetics,which welding the strengthened HDPE sheets by the high-power ultrasonic and forming to be a structure of three-dimensional reticular formation.
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Based on the original products, our company continuously introduces new technologies and develops various new geogrid installation, Fiberglass Geogrid, Nonwoven Geotextile to meet the needs of the market. Reliable quality and good credit standing are our principles, which will help us at a top-ranking position. We have been also the appointed OEM manufacturing unit for several worlds' famous merchandise brands.

As a geocell of slope stabilization solutions, the geocell can transmit downward force laterally, reducing the load on the underground soil. The porous restraint system is an ideal solution for slope stability. It can provide stabilization under harsh soil conditions and weather conditions, reduce the depth and cost of the structural profile, protect the soil, and prevent soil erosion.

Geocell of Slope Stabilization Solutions has a certain degree of environmental protection while stabilizing the slope. As a new type of geosynthetic material, Geocell of Slope Stabilization Solutions has corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The plastic material will not affect the soil.

The role of slope protection geocell used in engineering:

(1)The geocell can effectively reduce the erosion of the slope soil by rainwater flow and splash water, dissipate energy, improve the erosion resistance of the slope soil, effectively disperse the slope runoff, make the water flow relatively evenly dispersed, thereby reducing the soil gutter depth.

(2)It has high strength and other mechanical properties, and has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, the slope protection geocell can also resist temperature changes. The effect of temperature difference. Due to the structural characteristics of the cell itself, it can slow down the flow rate, reduce the energy of the water flow, and disperse the water flow, thereby reducing the erosion effect of the water flow on the slope soil.

(3) At the same time, the geocell has good adhesion to the soil. The guest soil backfilled in the slope protection geogrid can use some soil suitable for the growth of green plants, which can well improve the vegetation coverage on the slope surface, not only enhances the erosion resistance of the soil surface, but also serves as a green environment.




We are a professional company for the production of HDPE Geocell for Container Yard with complete and scientific quality management system. We cleave to the operating principles of quality and abiding by contracts, and the corporate spirit of unity and dedication, pioneering and innovative, and service-oriented. Through the wind and rain, we know how to cherish. We have a feeling of gratitude in our hearts.
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