HDPE Gravel Stabilizer Geocell with Strong Load Support

HDPE Gravel Stabilizer Geocell with Strong Load Support

​CCS provide steep vertical mechanically stabilized earth structures(either gravity or reinforced walls)for steep faces,walls and irregular topography.
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There is no doubt that modern and standardized production is an advantage. We have a whole process quality monitoring system, so that every detail is impeccable and every Geocell For Site Access Roads, Steel Plastic Composite Geogrid, Geocell For Sustainable Vegetation is of extraordinary quality. 'Integrity, efficiency, and harmony' is our corporate spirit. We will serve customers at home and abroad with superior service, good quality, and good reputation. We are striving to reach the goal of satisfying consumers, employees, society and investors, and sincerely look forward to all cooperation.

Geocell provides a steep vertical mechanically stable soil structure (gravity or reinforced walls) for steep surfaces, walls and irregular terrain. Geocell support pipeline and sewer simplifies the CCS geotechnical structure, because the structure of each layer is reasonable, which provides access for equipment and workers, and does not require concrete formwork and maintenance. When appropriate and granular, local soil can be used for filling; while the outer layer can use topsoil to make horizontal terraces/rows of green or brown fascia; walls can also be used to line passages and geocells have been used in high-flow situations The soft or uneven soil foundation that reinforces the large-area foundation, is used for the foundation of the fixed wall foundation, and is used for the load sharing of the covering in the pipeline and other geotechnical engineering.


Geocell support pipeline and sewer does not need to dig and place a lot of rocks as the support structure of the pipe bed sewer. Its reinforcement effect is also better than geogrid.


 Geocell Support Sewer        Geocell Support Sewer


Q:When Geocell is used in support pipeline and sewer, what is its superiority compared with geogrid?
When the geogrid is tiled and reinforced, the reinforcement is only the reinforcement itself. For geocell reinforcement, the reinforcement has become a composite body composed of cells and fillers. The tensile performance of tile reinforcement is exerted by the friction of the soil reinforcement interface.

We will provide customers with high-quality HDPE Gravel Stabilizer Geocell with Strong Load Support and satisfactory services with honest and trustworthy, convenient and efficient operation methods and strict management. Over the years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of 'cooperation and win-win' with a sincere attitude, providing users with excellent quality and perfect service, and are deeply trusted by users at home and abroad. We, focuse on high quality, and are conscious of the importance of environmental protection, most of the merchandise are pollution-free, environmentally friendly products, reuse on the solution.
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