HDPE Perforated Geocell for Tree Root Protection

HDPE Perforated Geocell for Tree Root Protection

The Cellullar Confinement System is an ideal cellular confinement system designed and sold for tree root protection applications.
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In the fierce competition, our only way out is to continuously improve the quality of our geocell consultant, geocell base course, Nonwoven Geotextilel for vegetation on slope stability and services, so as to provide strong support for enhancing the core competitiveness of our company. Further, we are supported by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who have immense expertise in their respective domain. We have professional product application knowledge, combined with timely and effective services.

The Cellullar restriction system is an ideal cell restriction system designed for tree root protection applications. The cell wall perforation is combined to form a perfect tree root protection system.

Geocell for tree root protection is a non-digging solution that ensures that the load applied to it is spread laterally instead of being transferred to the soil and roots below. When the cell wall is perforated and combined with a clean angular stone filling, it can move freely to retain moisture and oxygen, ensuring the supply of nutrients to the roots. Geocell can protect the critical root zone from damage, thereby protecting the root quality of the tree.

Geocell for tree root protection can reduce the depth of the base layer by 50%, saving costs, and is aesthetically pleasing.


Slope Protection; Load Support; Earth Rentention; Channel Protection; Tree Root Protection.

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With advanced consciousness, brand-new concepts and innovative spirits, we integrate advanced technologies at home and abroad to continuously research and develop new HDPE Perforated Geocell for Tree Root Protection for the industry. We have ISO 9001 Certification and qualified this product. Our company will take the promotion of the power equipment industry as its mission, continue to increase R&D investment, strengthen quality management, improve service quality, and achieve glory for the company while serving customers and the market!
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