HDPE Smooth Surface Perforated Geocell for Slope Protection

HDPE Smooth Surface Perforated Geocell for Slope Protection

HDPE Geocell is reinforced by high intensity HDPE broadband,after the powerful welding face to become a reticular lattice room structure.
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In the fierce market competition, the increase in consumer awareness of rights protection and changes in consumption concepts have encouraged us to continuously improve our slope protection, Geocell Reinforced Flexible Pavements, geotextile fabric. We wish to work with you and seek common development. On the basis of summarizing the existing technologies at home and abroad, we adopted innovative technologies, obtained customer recognition and achieved good economic benefits.

Geocells are widely used in erosion control, but they are more widely used in slope protection, dams, retaining walls, breakwaters, etc. The principle is to increase fluidity, reduce gully erosion, prevent water pressure from increasing and eliminate concentrated erosion. The honeycomb constraining structure of the geocell can fix the filling material and limit the water pressure acting on it, thereby improving fluidity. The honeycomb wall can drain normally, but can control the movement speed of the nest, just like thousands of micro dams, the concentrated water flow is dispersed by the geocell into a uniform and loose thin layer of water flow.


Geotextiles are used to isolate water and soil and prevent soil erosion. Geotextiles are often used for road construction, erosion control, and slope protection, this effect will be better.

Geocell For Erosion Control

We follow the complete warehousing and delivery quality inspection procedures to ensure the high quality and high qualified rate of HDPE Smooth Surface Perforated Geocell for Slope Protection. We uphold the corporate philosophy of 'symbiosis', and our goal is creating world-class products, developing towards diversification and globalization. In the field of technology, we have constantly developed and innovated and established a perfect customer service system.
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