Landscape Engineering Drain Board Subsoil HDPE PVC Perforated Drainage Waterproof Board

Landscape Engineering Drain Board Subsoil HDPE PVC Perforated Drainage Waterproof Board

Geogrid products are designed for reinforcement and,characteristically,are integrally connected to elements separated by in-plane apertures.
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We try our best to reduce the cost of new product development, so as to enhance the market competitive advantage of new HCNS, Geocell For Green Roads, Geocell Used In Transportation And Infrastructure. We attach importance to the progress and development of technology, and continue to strengthen the scientific and technological team to meet the various requirements of customers, and our products have reached the international level. Our company has a good development thanks to the support and cooperation of friends from all walks of life. In terms of cost control, we have many years of rich experience and methods, which can match materials and labor costs reasonably to achieve the goal of high quality and low price. In the face of the complex and changing economic environment, we will actively respond to changes in the situation. We attach importance to every opportunity to serve you, welcome you to consult with us, and look forward to creating a win-win situation with you.

Soft soil has usually been a trouble in avenue construction. Geogrid products are interlocked with structural fillers to provide a strong "mattress" basis, which drastically improves the stability of the weakest soil. This transforms the weakest foundations (along with dredgers, swamps and saturated clay) into structural foundations for the construction of additional embankments, crane ft, traction toes, and many others.


Geogrid for soft soil can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the foundation. Because heavy machinery is easy to sink in the soft foundation section, it is difficult to carry out the compaction of the subgrade fill, but after the sand cushion is combined with the geogrid, the road roller and other machinery can be developed on it. operation. The embankment is usually filled on the untreated soft soil roadbed. Within a certain filling height, there will be different degrees of "spring" state, the filling is difficult to compact, and the flatness is poor. After the geogrid is laid, the filler is easy to compact and the surface is smooth due to its restraint effect.

Geogrid for soft soil not only improves the bearing capacity of the foundation and increases the stability of the foundation, but also has an adjustment effect on uneven settlement, which can quickly reduce the settlement difference of the roadbed. The geogrid and the gravel layer together form a composite cushion that is much more rigid than the soft soil, which redistributes the load applied on the upper part, and its seepage and drainage effect makes the force of the foundation tend to be balanced, so that the soft foundation accelerates drainage Consolidation promotes the even settlement of the embankment and makes the embankment smooth.


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We focus on environmental friendliness, that is, we insist on manufacturing green Landscape Engineering Drain Board Subsoil HDPE PVC Perforated Drainage Waterproof Board and building green industrial chains to achieve sustainable development. In order to increase staff communication and cultivate team spirit, our company often organizes various activities to active the spare time of everyone. Our company with its own strength, scientific management and sincere service, seize the market opportunity, cast our brand, and achieved fruitful results.
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