Low Price 2D Composite Drainage Network

Low Price 2D Composite Drainage Network

Although geogrids are used primarily for reinforcement,some products are designed for asphalt overlay and waterproofing or for separation and stabilization.
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We are a modern manufacturer, providing high quality soil reinforcement, Geocell For Preventing Landslide, Cellular confinement, serving customers in every corner of the world. Our items have exported to many countries. We have ISO 9001 Certification and qualified this product.

Application of the Biaxial geogrid: Biaxial plastic geogrid is used to strengthen the subgrade of various highways and railways. Increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade, extend the service life of the subgrade; restrain the cracks of the pavement; reduce the repair cost; shorten the construction period.

The Biaxial geogrid can be used to strengthen the foundation of large parking lot and wharf yard. Increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, alert the ground to produce collapse, which can make the ground elegant and neat; the construction is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving.

The Biaxial geogrid is applied to the secondary reinforcement of the slope strengthened by the Uniaxial tensile plastic geogrid.

(1) Further strengthen soil slope, guard against soil erosion and facilitate traffic;

(2)Use vegetation to grow, beautify the environment and eliminate pollution.


The Biaxial geogrid is applied to the protection of railway and highway slope.

(1)The falling of the rock blocks of the police station may cause harm to people or vehicles;

(2)Connect the railway and the highway.

     Biaxial geogrid           Biaxial geogrid


Our focus on should be to consolidate and enhance the quality and repair of present products, in the meantime constantly establish new products to meet unique customers' requires for Factory wholesale for Low Price 2D Composite Drainage Network. We're your reliable partner in the international markets of our products and solutions. We'll constantly welcome guests from around the globe to our firm.
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