Non Woven Geotextiles Manufacturer with Ce SGS BV

Non Woven Geotextiles Manufacturer with Ce SGS BV

PP Uniaxial Geogrid is made of high molecular polymer after extruded and laminated and punched into regular mesh before longitudinal stretching.
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We pay close attention to quality management and improve the quality of Reinforced Soil Structure Geocell, PET Geocell For Road Construction Reinforcement, Geocell For Landscaping, hoping to increase business efficiency. With excellent product quality, reasonable product price and enthusiastic after-sales service, the products are sold all over the country and exported to overseas. In order to cope with the ever-changing business environment, our company effectively utilizes the technology, knowledge, sales channels, and experience skills cultivated by ourselves, and cooperates with business partners in a timely manner and flexibly responds to areas with relatively little experience.

PP Uniaxial Geogrid is manufactured from high molecular polymer after extruded and laminated and punched into regular mesh earlier than longitudinal stretching.This manner makes excessive molecule in direct line country in rectangular oval net structure with uniform distribution and excessive node intensity.This shape has as a substitute excessive tensile strength and stretch modulus,particularly our products of this type have superior international class tensile electricity and stretch modulus with extensibility among 2% and 5%.The soil gives best force sporting and diffusing chain gadget.It has big tensile energy(>150Mpa),and is appropriate for special forms of's far a winning reinforcement material.


       Reinforced soil slopes and steep slopes present specific balance demanding situations.Uniaxial Geogrid for slope reinforcement reduces material and installation costs, consisting of using on-site soil. removal of surface stability issues can correctly withstand differential agreement and seismic hobby.

Uniaxial Geogrid gives lengthy-time period sturdiness and structural integrity for slope safety. Uniaxial Geogrid for slope reinforcement reduces material and installation charges through minimizing filling necessities and allowing on-web site filling. They provide many face alternatives to fulfill aesthetic or environmental wishes.


                                                     Uniaxial Geogrid(HDPE)



  Units                             MD   Values
     GG60    GG80 GG120  GG160
          Polymer      -

  Minimum Carbon


ASTMD 4218   %
Tensile Strength @2% StrainASTMD 6637  KN/m            16
 Tensile Strengt @  5% StrainASTMD 6637  KN/m            31
    Tensile StrengthASTMD 6637  KN/m            60

  Strain @ Ultimate


ASTMD 6637    %
    UV ResistanceASTMD4355    %            98        98    98     98



EN ISO 13438    %          100       100   100    100
     BrittlenessWASHDOT T926     -        Pass       Pass   Pass    Pass
     Roll Width
    m        1          1    1      1
     Roll Length
    m        75         50    30     30
     Roll Weight
    kg        34         30    26     33


Relying on our persistence, pursuit and courage to challenge ourselves forever, we will continue to bring forth the new and create better Non Woven Geotextiles Manufacturer with Ce SGS BV to thank new and old customers for their support. For more than ten years experience in this filed, our company has gained high reputation from home and abroad. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality products while realizing the common development of both the enterprise and the individual.
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