Plastic Polypropylene(PP) Uniaxial Geogrid

Plastic Polypropylene(PP) Uniaxial Geogrid

This in turn decreases fuel use,pollution and the carbon footprint,and at the same time minimizes on-site disruption from dust,erosion and runoff.
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Stable quality, good reputation and reasonable price are our promises. We uphold the concept of quality first and continuous innovation and become the benchmark in the PET Geocell For Road Construction Reinforcement, Geogrid Reinforcement Technology, Reinforced Soil Structure Geocell industry. It can be our duty to satisfy your preferences and successfully serve you. We very seriously promise:Csame top quality, better price; exact same selling price, higher quality. Welcome to call us or visit us for guidance. Our company will serve customers with good reputation, strong strength, high-quality products and low prices.

Geocell is a green solution that makes civil infrastructure projects more sustainable.In load support applications,by reducing the amount and type of infill needed to reinforce soil,the usage of haul and earthmoving equipment is reduced.This in turn decreases fuel use,pollution and the carbon footprint,and at the same time minimizes on-site disruption from dust,erosion and runoff.When used for slope applications,perforated Geocell provides excellent soil protection,water drainage and growth stratum for plants.The long-term design life of advanced Geocell technology means that maintenance and the associated environmental costs are significantly reduced,as are long-term economic costs.


Geocell Of Sustainable Roads


1.  How long is the service life of Geocell Of Sustainable Roads Construction?
          Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of our products is about 10 to 20 years, but it still depends on the specifications and standards of the products.

2. What are the advantages of geocell of sustainable roads construction compared to traditional concrete roads?
         Firstly, geocell is a plastic product that can be applied to various soil types and can be used in harsh environments; secondly, it is an environmentally friendly material with a long service life; finally, it can reduce building materials by about 30%-50%.


We will state with absolute certainty that for Plastic Polypropylene(PP) Uniaxial Geogrid. We uphold a sincere and persistent attitude, grow an ambitious goal, and gradually precipitate our own corporate culture. Active communication and cooperation with peers and improved innovation capacity are the driving force behind the sound and stable development of our company.
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