Polyester Filament Needle Punched Non Woven Geotextile Used in Landfill

Polyester Filament Needle Punched Non Woven Geotextile Used in Landfill

Geogrid products are designed for reinforcement and,characteristically,are integrally connected to elements separated by in-plane apertures.
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We have introduced advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad to meet the market's diversified demand for various Geocell For Ports And Container Yards, erosion control geocell, Nonwoven Geotextilel for vegetation on slope stability. We are committed to meeting the continuous development needs and services of customers in different industries. We always adhere to the four principles of 'trust, intelligence, innovation and commitment', and strive to serve customers around the world! We actively improve various manufacturing capabilities in the production process, increasingly improve management, focus on technological innovation and new product development, and strictly follow industry-related standards to win a good market reputation with reliable quality.

Soft soil has usually been a trouble in avenue construction. Geogrid products are interlocked with structural fillers to provide a strong "mattress" basis, which drastically improves the stability of the weakest soil. This transforms the weakest foundations (along with dredgers, swamps and saturated clay) into structural foundations for the construction of additional embankments, crane ft, traction toes, and many others.


Geogrid for soft soil can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the foundation. Because heavy machinery is easy to sink in the soft foundation section, it is difficult to carry out the compaction of the subgrade fill, but after the sand cushion is combined with the geogrid, the road roller and other machinery can be developed on it. operation. The embankment is usually filled on the untreated soft soil roadbed. Within a certain filling height, there will be different degrees of "spring" state, the filling is difficult to compact, and the flatness is poor. After the geogrid is laid, the filler is easy to compact and the surface is smooth due to its restraint effect.

Geogrid for soft soil not only improves the bearing capacity of the foundation and increases the stability of the foundation, but also has an adjustment effect on uneven settlement, which can quickly reduce the settlement difference of the roadbed. The geogrid and the gravel layer together form a composite cushion that is much more rigid than the soft soil, which redistributes the load applied on the upper part, and its seepage and drainage effect makes the force of the foundation tend to be balanced, so that the soft foundation accelerates drainage Consolidation promotes the even settlement of the embankment and makes the embankment smooth.


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Our company is gradually expanding the market and making more new friends with an humbly attitude and steady steps. Based on the principle of mutual benefit, we are sincerely serving all customers in the Polyester Filament Needle Punched Non Woven Geotextile Used in Landfill industry. We integrate our company and social resources to promote the adjustment of internal structure with business structure as the main line to achieve good and fast development of our company. Initially, our company emphasizes on sound operation, laying a good foundation and accumulating experience.
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