Reinforcement High Speed Road HDPE Steel Plastic High Strength Geocell Reinforced

Reinforcement High Speed Road HDPE Steel Plastic High Strength Geocell Reinforced

The external strip of Geocells is filled with sand or some other material(gravel stones; concrete etc.)thus allowing the integration of vegetation and blending into the local landscape.
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With advanced technology, high-quality raw materials, and professional quality, our Geocell Log Yard Stabilization, geocell used canal liner, geotextile fabric has exported to many countries and regions in the world, and has won unanimous praise in the market. Our continuous growth is the direct result of our ability to offer products and services that meet and exceed international standards, which allows our clients to be more satisfied. We target to be your loyal supplier and long-term cooperator in China.

Retaining wall refers to a structure that supports subgrade fill or hillside soil to prevent deformation and instability of the fill or soil. Its function is to prevent the side slope of the roadbed or the base from sliding, ensure the stability of the roadbed, and at the same time shrink the fill slope toe, reduce the amount of fill, and protect the existing buildings adjacent to the line.


Geocell of reinforced retaining wall uses the friction between the reinforcement and the soil to improve the deformation conditions of the soil and the engineering performance of the soil to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the soil. The invention of geocell reinforced soil technology is undoubtedly a major technological innovation. However, after a lot of engineering practice and theoretical research, some shortcomings and some even insurmountable obstacles are gradually discovered.

GEOCELL-Retaining Wall


1. What requirements does Geocell of reinforced retaining wall require?
          As a retaining wall, geocell has certain requirements for the height of the geocell. Generally, the height of the geocell as a retaining wall is 200mm, or even 300mm.

2. Which type of geocell should be selected as a retaining wall?
        It is recommended to use a geocell without perforation. The retaining wall is mainly used to stabilize the soil and play a reinforcement role, and there is no requirement for drainage, so the reinforcement and stability effect of the geocell without perforation is the best.


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