Waterproof HDPE Geomembrane for Pit Liner Smooth Geomembrane

Waterproof HDPE Geomembrane for Pit Liner Smooth Geomembrane

The geocell is a three-dimensional mesh cell structure formed by reinforced HDPE sheet material and welded by high strength.
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As the Geocell of Slope Protection Solution, the geocell has a strong anti-erosion effect. The focus of slope protection is to prevent soil erosion. The geocell is a three-dimensional reinforced material, which can stabilize the soil on the slope well, reasonably disperse the stress of the soil, and at the same time pass through the gaps on the surface of the geocell Drainage, thus becoming commonly used material for slope protection.

Attention issues of geocell in slope protection engineering:

1、Working surface: The flatness of the slope is related to the result of grass planting protection in the geocell. When the slope surface is uneven, the laying of the geocell is prone to stress concentration, which will cause the cell's solder joints to crack and cause the cell to straddle. Therefore, the slope must be leveled to the design requirements, and artificial slope repairs must be selected to remove pumice and dangerous rocks on the slope.   

2、The main drainage ditch system should be set up on the side slope of the paving cell, and the interval between two adjacent ditches is 4m. The drainage ditch is connected with the road side ditch, so that the road area water flows along the side ditch into the drainage channel and enters the road edge. In order to avoid water in the road surface and prevent the cell slope from being washed away.

3、Flatten the slope surface to remove some debris that is not conducive to cell laying, so that the slope surface is flat and firm. You can also sprinkle a layer of high-quality soil first to facilitate plant growth.

4、The cell should be laid from top to bottom in the main force direction, so that the cell sheet weight is perpendicular to the roadbed. It must not be laid horizontally.

5、Open the geocell components, and nail a hook-shaped riveting pile at the top of each cell. The length of the riveting pile is required to be twice the height of the cell itself plus 30cm. The two ends are nailed into the rivet pile along the side of the drainage ditch. Bamboo and wood can be used. The piles mainly play the role of opening the cell. The center and bottom of the bamboo and wood piles can also be used to stretch the cell. The top riveting piles mainly play the role of hanging and riveting the cell. Better materials should be used.Such as steel rods, etc.

6、After the cell is opened and riveted, fill the cell space from top to bottom with high-quality soil suitable for cultivating turf or grass seeds. The filling should be 1.2 times the height of the cell, and be beaten to be firm and planted in time. On vegetation.

7、When used on the lower slope of the highway, the drainage ditch should be connected with the shoulder retaining ditch to facilitate the drainage of the road area, and the slope protection should not be washed. When used on the upper slope of the highway, a water blocking ditch should be set up on the top line of the upper slope. Make the water-blocking ditch at the upper part of the upper slope flow into the drainage ditch to prevent the accumulated water from directly scouring the slope protection. The upper slope should try to use a high-height geocell.

8、After the construction is completed, re-inspection should be done. If the rivet piles are not fully tensioned and are not strong, they should be reworked in time until the turf or grass seeds are fully alive.

Geocell of Slope Protection Solution


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