Wholesale HDPE Geocell Ground Grass Stabilizer Road Paver

Wholesale HDPE Geocell Ground Grass Stabilizer Road Paver

Geocells are the only prefabricated three-dimensional geosynthetics with significant third dimension properties.
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We will provide good quality Geocell For Reinforced Retaining Walls, CE marking geocell, geocell for erosion control with fast and caring service as always, and will sincerely cooperate with old and new customers to create a better tomorrow together! Based on a good technical foundation and relying on strong research and development strength, our company has continuously carried out technological innovation, made many major breakthroughs and formed independent intellectual property rights of enterprises. In the future, with strong R&D strength, precise market layout, and appealing brand image, we will seize the market with products, drive sales quantity with our brand influence, and develop with partners across the world to achieve rapid growth. We promise to try our greatest to deliver you with high quality and economical products and services. We have various models with complete specifications, excellent quality, and can also be customized according to user needs.

Geocells can be used to great advantage considering that: 

1.Geocells are the only prefabricated three-dimensional geosynthetics with significant third dimension properties;

2.They are easily transported as flat strips welded width-wise at regular intervals,and logistics for large quantities is not a problem;

3.Geocells are easy to install and do not require skilled labour. They can be installed in any weather condition;

4.The in-fill has essentially to be non-cohesion material,however the material could be recycled material;

5.Solutions considering geocells as a solution for any civil engineering/geotechnical issue always proves to be cost effective with  reduced and economic usage of valuable natural resources,including metal/aggregates,sand,cement,etc.the cost savings can be as substantial as much as 30% for road construction and the time saving can be as much as 50%;

6.When used for roads and pavements,geocells substantially reduce cost of maintenance by improving the longevity of the road/pavement;

7.Considering all of the above,geocells help reduce carbon foot-print;since carbon black is an essential ingredient of the HDPE,geocells indirectly foster carbon sequestration.


Benefits of Geocell used in Ground Stabilization:
     (1) Improve the bearing capacity and load of the road surface
     (2) Reduce filling material by about 50%
     (3) Reduce costs by about 30%
     (4) Improve work efficiency and shorten construction period


We are one of the most comprehensive competitive Wholesale HDPE Geocell Ground Grass Stabilizer Road Paver brands in China. We take the cost management as the core and the production spot management as the foundation, grasping the market quotation to provide the first-class service, the top-rate product quality to the customer. With the attentive service of the management team and the innovative professional operation system, our company has become the preferred supplier for many customers.
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